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  • Solvay

    Full polymer catering trolley

    Together with the AeroCat alliance - Promolding innovated the aluminum airline catering trolley to an EASA and ETSO certified full polymer trolley. The TIGRIS trolley provides a substantial contribution to a greener, healthier and safer airline environment as a whole and airline catering logistics more in specific.
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  • Versaflex

    VERSAFLEX Flexible floor system

    The Versaflex floor system is being used in office buildings and airport terminals but is also very popular for usage in showrooms of car dealers. The tiles are capable of carrying much weight and can be replaced quickly and easliy but the best feature is it's durability.
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  • TigerFix

    TIGERFIX Glue and cartridge for Tiger Products

    There were already several glue solutions for (bathroom) accessories however none of these matched the criteria of Tiger concerning easiness, clean usage, quick utalization (1 hour max.), invisible removing and a long shelf life (2 years). The choice to work closely with Promolding was made because of the high standards and professionalism within Promolding.
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  • Spice

    Space Innovative Catering Equipment

    Since the first generation great passenger ariplanes were introduced in the late 60’s, the galley was constructed around the cateringtrolley. Several airlines asked AIRBUS to take the initiative to develop a new universel system to save space and weight. This research project SPICE (SPace Innovative Catering Equipment) is based on a modulair box system together with FoldingSevice Carts. Promolding developed the modulair box system.
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We strongly believe and invest in partnerships with our customers and share our expertise and knowledge of polymers and product development with them so that we can create the best possible product.



By means of smart development and implementation of innovative (high performance polymer) materials and processes we are able to deliver unique products.  



Our knowledge and expertise in the field of polymers in combination with our unique research and production resources and facilities are enabling us to be flexible.



Our commitment and level of ambition makes us strong in complex projects, innovative solutions and in manufacturing of innovative products.


“We believe and invest in partnerships with our customers and share our  high value expertise of polymers and product development with them so we can develop and produce the best possible product. We are strong in complex projects, innovative solutions and the production of innovative products.”



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