Promolding started in 1997 in the former Fokker-factory at Ypenburg (The Hague).

Our mission was and is: translating high performance polymer technology to industrialised products. This way we transfer problems into new functional products that can be produced in series. Thought behind this is that the end user, who gets more demanding these days, starts looking for unique products with higher demands.

Promolding operates pragmatically as well as systematically, with the use of extensive expertise and creativity available, and works from the expectation of the client.

We will not make any concessions to quality. Only quality survives. To handle the sometimes difficult challenges successfully there are some necessary ingredients:

* Well trained, (very) experienced and always dedicated employees: (industrial) designers, polymer technologists, tool makers, injection moulders, production technologists, project managers; we have them all in our team.

* Good tools and instruments: modern CAD-systems, CAM-driven machines, very modern injection moulding machines, handling robots, everything that is necessary to do the job fast and adequate, is available.

*Joy in the work. Doing the job unmotivated will kill any company. We love our jobs and are passionate to work on challenging projects proving this.

Promolding, Laan van Ypenburg 108
Promolding 2.0


In a world that changes fast and looks smaller and smaller every day, the ’old’ business model that count on endless resources cannot survive.

Knowledge has to be valued faster and faster in hard and software that offers possiblities and not rarely even is a nessecarily condition for existence. And in this it is more and more expected that ’we’will act with respect to our most important resources: energy, human power and raw materials.

Promolding’s vision is that there exists a great potential in realising unique societal relevant products by smart design and innovative integration of new and existing materials and processes in novel product market combinations.


Promolding wants to create novel and distinctive products by smart design and applying innovative (high-performance polymer) materials and processes.

These products provide Promoldings customers the basis of their market succes and continuity and thus also for Promolding.

In this creative and industrial process, Promolding keeps track on her societal responsibility and will strive for maximum functional usage of materials, a low CO2 footprint and recycleability. Controlling the chain during products life time becomes more important.

Addtionally, Promolding want to provide an attractive environment for her employees and chances for individual growth.

In short:

“Promolding industrialises high value polymer technology into societal relevant distinctive products”.

Productiehal - Promolding


At Promolding we are very proud to have a highly skilled team with driven professionals in the field of research, production and polymers. The members of the management team of Promolding are:

  • Jac. Gofers, CEO en founder
  • Bastiaan Meulblok, Manager Operations
  • Thomas Geerling, Manager Finance
  • Leon Claassen, Sales Manager
  • Daniel Vlasveld, Manager research and development
  • Klaas Nienhuis, Manager production
  • Michael Xi, Chief Representative Promolding Shanghai


Promolding is operating in a dynamic world in which we cooperate intensively and structurally with several partners in Europe:

TNO Industrial Technology
Aimplas: Technological Institute of Plastics (Spanje)
TU Delft – Industrial Design
TU Delft – Aviation and aerospace
Pera (UK): Innovator and research institure with a lot of appraisment in the area of fibre reinforced synthetics and composites.
Fraunhofer Institut (D): Research institure with a lot of knowledge in the area of plastics processing and construction of moulds.
Rapid Manufacturing Platform (UK): European cooperation for RapidManufacturing.
Delcam for software for 3D design, 5 xes CNC CAM milling, 3D scanning
ECN Energy Centre Netherlands

We are hiring


If you are interested in joining our team of professionals in The Hague, please respond to HRM, at or by application letter at her attention.

If you are interested in a position with our Shanghai office, please respond to mr. Michael Xi, Chief Representative Promolding Shanghai Office at or by application letter at his attention.