Flexible flooring system with Versaflex

The Versaflex floor system is being used in office buildings and airport terminals but is also very popular for usage in showrooms of car dealers.

The tiles are capable of carrying much weight and can be replaced quickly and easliy but the best feature is it’s durability.


What Versaflex asked us:

Better high impact strength of the tile and an extra format.

A flexible and contemporary floor that can be placed easily and quickly. This is possible with the Versaflex flooring system developed and manufactured by Promolding. The Versaflex slooring system consists out of a polymer grid that is being glued under the tile and a rubber junction that is being pushed onto the grid.

The means that the floor can be installed dry and clean. Within this system, almost any tile made of ceramic, stone or glass can be laid. Promolding recently improved the impact resistance significantly and also made it possible to use a larger size tile with the Versaflex system.

How did Promolding handle this?

Steal plate for extra strong backing.

The Versaflex flooring system is being used with office buildings and airport terminals but is also very popular with car dealer showrooms that want to place the car on a platform.

The tiles are capable of handling a large weight and they are also easy and quickly to replace. In order to realize this, Promolding has analyzed the pressure capacity of the tiles and researched what materials are capable of enduring the required pressure capacity.

Tests have shown that a steal plate was the best solution. The researchers of Promolding started their research for the best possible glue that could attach to ceramic, steal and polymer.

An important requirement of the customer concerned the costs of this solution. Promolding succeeded in this project and now the Versaflex flooring system is being improved with a steal plate that improves the strength of impact significantly.

Now also for mainstream tiles.

Another development by Promolding is the enlargement of the size of the tiles. The original system was developed for tiles with the size of 50 by 50 cm but in the market a size of 60 by 60 cm was seen as the standard.

Promolding made the polymer grid with rubber junction suitable for the larger tile size. This adjustment did not appear to be a linear process: the shrinkage of the 50 cm turned out to be very different compared to the shrinkage of the 60 cm tile. With a smart adjustment of the design. Promolding made is possible for Versaflex to meet the market demands with a 60 cm tile.

What are the results?

Product improvements and fully automated production and assembly.

Promolding increased the impact capabilty of the Versaflex flooring system by means of extensive testing and material research. Furthermore, the manufacturing machines were made suitable for the manufacturing of the 60 by 60 cm tiles.

Promolding also realized a fully automized production and assembly process.