About us

Promolding is a product development and injection moulding specialist in the Netherlands. Our unique selling point is that we are a knowledge centre, product development company and producer in one.

Our manufacturing depertment focuses on the production of high quality injection moulding parts from thermoplastic engineering polymers. We specialize in high tech industrial components and medical devices, which can be produced and assembled in our cleanroom.

Our product development team has extensive knowledge and experience with the unlimited design possibilities of thermoplastics, but is not limited to designing only plastic components. We have a wide variety of well trained design engineers, mechanical engineers, polymer scientists, tool makers, injection moulding experts, production technologists and project managers.

We help our clients to seize advantage through solving the most complex technology and product design challenges, focused on series-produced complex products and components.


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Our team

At Promolding we are very proud to have a highly skilled team with driven professionals in the field of research, production and polymers. The members of the management team of Promolding are:

  • Jac. Gofers, CEO en founder
  • Menco Verduin, Managing Director
  • Bert Bramer, Manager Operations
  • Michael Bricen, Manager Finance
  • Daniel Vlasveld, Manager research and development
  • Klaas Nienhuis, Manager production
  • Michael Xi, Chief Representative Promolding Shanghai

In order to tackle the sometimes complex problems successfully, Promolding has an extensive team of well-trained, (very) experienced and always dedicated employees:

  • (Industrial) designers
  • Engineers
  • Plastic technology and glue chemists
  • Toolmakers
  • Injection moulders
  • Production technologists
  • Projectleaders


Promolding has a wide range of modern equipment that is used for product development and production.


  • 13 injection moulding machines (1K and 2K) and pheriperals
  • Modern CAD- systems
  • Well-equipped laboratories
  • 3D scanner
  • Objet Connex 3D printer and CAD-systems
  • Handling-robots




Productiehal - Promolding

Research & development

Promolding has extensive laboratory facilities, but can also make use of many types of research, testing and analysis equipment through good contacts at technical universities (TUD, TUE, UTwente), TNO and various large research institutes in Europe (via our European research projects) to do  necessary tests.





Promolding operates in a dynamic world in which we collaborate intensively and structurally with various partners in Europe:

• TNO Industrial Technology
• Aimplas: Technological Institute of Plastics (Spain)
• TU Delft: Industrial Design
• TU Delft: Aviation technology and space travel technology
• Pera (UK): Innovator and research institute with a lot of expertise in the field of
fiber-reinforced plastics and composites
• Fraunhofer Institut (D): Research institute with a great deal of knowledge in the field of plastics processing and mold construction
• Rapid Manufacturing Platform (UK): European partnership for RapidManufacturing.
• Delcam: Software for 3D design, 5 assig CNC CAM milling, 3D scan.
• ECN Energie Centrum Nederland

Promolding is an active participant in:

• Holland Instrumentation
• Smart Industry
• Medtech Partners

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Promolding wants to continue to realize leading and distinctive products with passion and commitment. By cleverly designing and applying high-performance plastic materials, Promolding converts complex engineering issues into innovative solutions and producible injection molded products.
These products form the basis for a sustainable market success of its customers and thereby also ensure the continuity of Promolding.


Producing a good product starts with a smart design. Promolding sees great potential in realizing products through an integrated approach, from idea to production. Promolding has the scientific knowledge, expertise, extensive production and laboratory facilities in house, allowing them to operate efficiently and they can completely relieve its customers.

Onze kernwaarden



Wij geloven en investeren in partnerships met onze klanten en delen onze hoogwaardige kennis van polymeren en productontwikkeling met hen om samen tot het beste product te komen.



Door middel van het slim ontwerpen en toepassen van innovatieve (high-perfomance polymere) materialen en processen realiseren wij onderscheidende producten.



Onze kennis en expertise op het gebied van polymeren in combinatie met onze onderzoeks- en productiefaciliteiten maakt het mogelijk om flexibel te opereren. DIT IS WITTE VULLING



Onze gedrevenheid maakt ons sterk in complexe vraagstukken, vernieuwende oplossingen en het produceren van innovatieve producten.DIT IS WITTE VULLING