A new technique to remove hazardous substances from PVC. PVC is one of the most widely used polymers in the world thanks to its versatile properties: light, strong, fire resistant, excellently insulating and low gas permeability. Furthermore, PVC products are durable; their life-span can range from 30 to even 100 years in the case of … Continued

Project FLOIM

Novel manufacturing chains for high quality integrated optical devices. Miniaturized, optoelectronic devices are nowadays used in an increasing number of applications, but their manufacturing processes are under pressure to reduce their costs and increase flexibility. The production of optoelectronic devices is a time-consuming process and consists of multiple steps, such as manufacturing, pretreatment, positioning, alignment, … Continued

P3D deelname aan RapidPro 2018

In maart 2018 zal P3D deelnemen aan de RapidPro in Veldhoven, waarin de meest aansprekende productie technologie voor spuitgieten van lage aantallen zal worden gepresenteerd. P3D richt zich volledig op het 3D Printen en de speciaal ontwikkelde PRIM (PRinted Injection Mould) technologie waarmee het mogelijk is om producten te spuitgieten in 3D geprinte kunststof matrijzen. … Continued

PREVIEW pilot test at Promolding

After developing and small-scale testing the several subsystems for over two years, the partners in the European funded PREVIEW project (Horizon 2020) flew in to perform a full scale pilot test with the PREVIEW system at the Dutch partner Promolding.  

Promolding has moved!

  As you probably already have read in earlier messages, Promolding is expanding! We will add another 2000 square meters modern light transparent office space and meeting rooms and an extra 3500 square meters of production space. With these new premises we are set to accommodate our growth plans for the coming years. The new … Continued

Press release about PRIM® by Promolding receives much international attention

On September 2nd, Stratesys, the 3D printing and additive manufacturing solutions company, announced that Promolding has expanded its operations with the introduction of a 3D PRinted Injection Molding division (PRIM®). Utilizing Stratasys PolyJet 3D printing solutions to produce molds, Promolding is able to reduce injection mold lead times for its customers by 93%. With PRIM®, Promolding is able … Continued

Promolding grows and is expanding with a new location

In the 4th quarter of 2016, Promolding will expand with a new location. This new location is located opposite to the current production hall at the Laan van Ypenburg in The Hague.

Reden van de verhuizing is het feit dat Promolding sterk aan het groeien is en meer ruimte nodig heeft voor haar bestaande en nieuwe activiteiten. Met de nieuwe locatie straks zal Promolding het aantal vierkante meters voor productie, polymeer onderzoek en productontwikkelingen in in klap verviervoudigen. De huidige productiehal blijft gewoon bestaan dus het betreft een aanzienlijke uitbreiding.

Promolding wins assignment for Versaflex

Promolding wins assignment for Versaflex! The Versaflex floor system is being used in office buildings and airport terminals but is also very popular for usage in showrooms of car dealers. The tiles are capable of carrying much weight and can be replaced quickly and easliy but the best feature is it’s durability. Versaflex asked Promolding … Continued