Space Innovative Catering Equipment

Since the first generation great passenger ariplanes were introduced in the late 60’s, the galley was constructed around the cateringtrolley.
Several airlines asked AIRBUS to take the initiative to develop a new universel system to save space and weight.
This research project SPICE (SPace Innovative Catering Equipment) is based on a modulair box system together with FoldingSevice Carts.
Promolding developed the modulair box system.

Key benefits of SPICE for airlines include weight savings of 600kg and space savings, enabling 2 or 3 extra economy seats to be installed.


What Airbus asked us:

A catering box made of polymer

Design and develop a new catering box for the aviation industry: that was the instruction Airbus gave to Promolding. Airbus had the ambition to introduce a new and better galley system and noticed that Promolding already developed a very innovative new catering trolley made of polymer. The catering boxes of the new galley concept of Airbus needed also to be made of polymer because this material is lighter than aluminium and less sensitive for scratches and dents.

Polymer was also the preference of Airbus because RFID can be added to polymer which makes it possible to track & trace the food.

How did Promolding handle this?

Quick employment by accurate and up to date knowledge of aviation

Airbus already had a very extensive program of demands and requirements for the catering box Spice which made it possible for Promolding to quickly start with the product development.

Furthermore,  Promolding already has extensive knowledge and experience gained by the earlier development of the polymer catering trolley for the aviation.

For instance, Promolding used a door closing mechanism with 13 locking points, an own developed solution that could also be used for the catering box. With each development of the prototype, Promolding choose for the pragmatic approach. There were 3 modular boxes developed for both storing meals and drinks.  Because the catering boxes are fully made out of polymer, it was also possible to integrate a transparent window so you can see from the outside what is inside the boxes.

What are the results?

Highly functional innovative catering boxes

Promolding developed a series of manufacturable catering boxes and the prototypes are received very positively. In order to implement this new galley concept, 2 large OEM manufacturers of aircrafts (Airbus and Boeing) need to come to an agreement regarding a new standard for galley’s. Also the catering companies need to adjust their logistic processes before SPICE wil be operational.