Research and training project

Thelink is a research and training project funded by the European Commission’s. The project is part of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks program within the eight framework  program for research and innovation: Horizon 2020. TheLink involves 10 partners including research institutes, companies and universities from 7 different countries, who will recruit 15 PhD students for the project.

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Objective of this project:

Development of knowledge

TheLink aims to generate a better understanding of the relationship between nano/micro structures and macro-level properties of nanostructured polymers, composites and phase separated polymers along the whole material development chain from design to production, combining the disciplines of simulation, characterization and processing.

The postgraduate researchers recruited by the network will move the development of polymeric nanomaterials towards a knowledge-based, industrially-feasible approach. In order to achieve application-oriented development lines, three case studies for innovative materials with high application potential phase separated polymers for sealants, membranes for blood purification and self-diagnosing, and EMI shielding composites based on carbon nanotubes and graphene were selected.


The training aim of TheLink is to prepare the recruited researcher for careers in the field of nanotechnology. This involves multi-disciplinary scientific training, secondments in both academia and industry and courses in complementary skills, like among other business and communication skills.


The project started in November 2014 and its duration is 4 years.