Glue and cartridge for Tiger Products

There were already several glue solutions for (bathroom) accessories however none of these matched the criteria of Tiger concerning easiness, clean usage, quick utalization (1 hour max.), invisible removing and a long shelf life (2 years). The choice to work closely with Promolding was made because of the high standards and professionalism within Promolding.

Converting an idea into a solid and reliable product required more effort than expected by both parties. Finally, the expertise within Promolding and the pragmatic, solution driven and perseverance within Promolding, made it possible to develop a unique Tigerfix glue solution.


What Tiger Products asked us:

Glue instead of screws.

Tiger products wanted to offer a glue solution for bathroom accessories that would make drilling in tiles no longer needed. Promolding, together with Enserink Design, developed the glue cartridge idea into a solid and proven product called Tigerfix, a glue solution specially for the accessories of Tiger Products.

How dis Promolding handle this?

A robotised filling line for the cartridge with glue.

Starting point was the existing line of bathroom accessories of Tiger Products of which all of them needed to be attached to the wall with screws. Drilling and screwing into tiles and mirrors was not the most appreciated activity in bathrooms so a glue solution seemed to be the best solution.

However, there are not many suitable type of glues to meet the requirements for this glue solution. Also the time needed to dry (multiple hours) before usage with the existing accessories was not what the customers wanted. Based on clear requirements for the desired glue solution, the product developers and polymer researchers of Promolding developed a metal plate (the wall mount) and a glue cartridge suitable for 2 component glue.

This glue was covered with a foil that is being sealed on the glue cartridge. When consumers want to attach the wall mount to the wall, they can simply press the wall mount including the cartridge to the wall which then releases the glue between the wall mount and the wall. The glue is hard and the wall mount is strongly attached to the wall in 30 minutes time and than it’s ready for usage.

For filling the glue cartridge, Promolding developed and build a fully automized filling system. Filling and sealing the glue cartridge is fully robotized.

What are the results?

Unique plug & play solution

Promolding developed an unique plug & play solution (product) for attaching bathroom accessories. Consumers don’t need to drill holes in their bathroom walls and can simply ‘stick’ the accessories on the wall. The wall mount can also be easily removed by using a hairdryer so that the glue gets heated and the wall mount can be removed.  The left glue can be easily removed and the wall is easily cleaned and will look as new.

The positive experiences working with Promolding together in the development of a new glue solution, have led to the decision of Tiger Products to ask them if they can also manufacture the Tigerfix product. Based on our experiences, we certainly will involve Promolding with it’s expertise and added value in future projects.